The F10PEEK components, thanks to their lightness and resistance, allow a greater efficiency in consumption, duration and driving comfort.
The faster acceleration and the reduced noise lead to a more pleasant driving experience. More lasting and reliable, they guarantee greater safety, greater times of guarantee and lower maintenance costs.

  • The F10PEEK vacuum pumps are intrinsically self-lubricating and reduce parasite leakages, helping the manufacturing of more ecological cars (with reduced CO2 emissions).
  • Thanks to gears in F10PEEK, it is possible to reduce the acoustic level (dB) of vibrations and hardness.
  • F10PEEK shutlocks and valves are five times cheaper than stainless steel, thanks to the simplification of the production process - with a duration of the bushes greater than that of polyamide and without any deterioration.
  • Guiding rings and bushes in F10PEEK last longer than PTFE for seals, for example.