Seals in F10PEEK for the O & G industry face new challenges every day to make plants safer and more efficient, even in extreme contexts due to high pressure, high and low temperatures, corrosive chemicals and abrasive materials.

The solutions in F10PEEK for O & G

  • Maximize the production efficiency of plants; a critical factor in a sector where the production and exploration costs are huge
  • Allow producing instrumentation and monitoring equipment of high quality and that are more solid and capable of transmitting punctual data in real time.
  • Allow safer and more reliable operations, in a sector where the environmental and government pressures lay down increasingly stricter regulations.
  • Remain performing even in conditions of high corrosion and temperature.


  • Allow a greater traceability and predictivity.
  • Offer stable performances at temperatures comprised between -196°C and 260°C and pressure up to 207MP.
  • Can manage pressure indexes and extreme wear (4.5 MPa at 220°C)
  • Keep 100% of the resistance to stress in seawater; 100% of resistance to stress in fluids of aromatic hydrocarbons used for Norsok certification and more than 75% resistance to stress in H2S at a 100% concentration.